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Presidents Message

Dear Brothers and Sisters of D30.

In 2015 when I accepted your nomination and election to President I had no idea the kinds of challenges that lie ahead nor the commitment and sacrifice it would demand to do the job effectively. 

On the 8th of January, 2016 we concluded a round of bargaining in the form of your 2014 to 2017 Collective Agreement, which I encourage you to read and become familiar with, and to keep in mind when considering what priorities we need to bear in mind moving forward. 

In 2016 the government of Ontario engaged a consulting firm ("Strategic Consulting") to look at the Provincial and Demonstration Schools with a focus on London Robarts School for the Deaf, Centre Jules Leger, Amythest, Trillium, and Sagonaska. It was clear to some stakeholders that the Government had decided to close these schools and was looking for a third party to justify the means to that end. I represented our bargaining unit with your vice president through the consultation process, and we met with Michael O'Sullivan to detail our concerns.

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