Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
D30 Provincial Schools Authority Teachers


Commission on the reform of Ontario's Public Services (a.k.a - The Drummond Report)

This report contains a Chapter pertaining to the cost of operating Provincial Schools and recommended reforms.

Specific recommendations that are of concern to PSAT D30 include:

Recommendation 6-19: The government should close the Demonstration Schools and reinvest savings to expand alternative secondary school programs in school boards. The three Schools for the Deaf in Belleville, London and Milton should be consolidated into one site to achieve a greater critical mass of students from primary grades through secondary school. Savings should be reinvested in the consolidated school for the deaf and in enhanced opportunities for deaf learners in school boards, colleges and universities. The Ministry of Education should transfer the oversight and management of the Brantford site and of the newly consolidated school for the deaf to one or two English-language school boards, and transfer the oversight and management of the Centre Jules-Léger (School for the Deaf) to a French-language school board.

Specific recommendations that have already been implemented and affect teachers include:

Recommendation 6-22:
 In the upcoming renewal of collective agreements, school boards should negotiate the removal of entitlements associated with retirement gratuities to help offset the costs of future economic adjustments. School boards’ power in the Education Act to offer retirement gratuities should be removed.